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    March, 2021 – Justin Squizzero

How to Wind Warps and Influence People—Multi End Warping from Four to Forty

Winding a chained warp with a single end back and forth between close set pegs is tedious at best, boring at worst, and very, very modern. Rediscover the centuries old time and labor-saving technique of warping with multiple ends in this hands-on virtual workshop. Using a set of 19th-century warping bars and skarne, Justin will demonstrate the principles of making a lease, working with stripes and participants will be invited to practice the technique using equipment you already have at home.

Instructor Bio: Handweaver Justin Squizzero challenges modern definitions of progress by creating functional textiles that celebrate the natural world and the dignity of human labor. Echoing a time when utilitarian objects were entirely handcrafted, his work connects material, maker, and user across time and place. Squizzero's venture, The Burroughs Garret, draws on the textile traditions of his northern Vermont home, marrying natural dyes and fibers with a reserved aesthetic rooted in early New England. Produced on his 19th-century farm using 200-year-old hand looms, Squizzero's textiles examine the role of handcraft in a post-industrial society, questioning the human experience in a digital age. Justin and his husband Andrew live on the Burroughs-Hebb-McClintock farm where they raise hogs and poultry, tend a quarter-acre kitchen garden, and work to breathe new life into an old corner of Newbury, Vermont. Learn more at theburroughsgarret.com.



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