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A message from the Guild President

Biennial Guild Show hours

Show Pamphlet with List of Show Award Winners 

Welcome to the Vermont Weavers Guild website! Iím approaching the end of my 2 years as President of this guild. Wow! Time really flies by. All I can say is that it has been an interesting experience. Ending the term with our guild show is, I think, a great way to end a term Ė seeing all the beautiful work done by my fellow guild members on display in one location is something I look forward to. Our bi-annual show starts on May 13th at 1 PM. Iím excited for several reasons: 1) our theme for this show is the guildís 70th anniversary. I think itís a wonderful achievement that the guild has been around that long! 2) that the public gets to see these beautiful weavings from our talented guild members and 3) every show gives me an opportunity to receive constructive comments on my work which causes me to challenge myself to produce/learn something different. I hope all of you (new weavers and long-term members and everyone in between) will consider entering a piece of weaving or at least to come to the show to support your fellow weavers.

Thanks to all of you who signed up for the workshops this year (9/2016 through 4/2017). The ones I participated in I really enjoyed and learned new things and I hope you did too. Be sure to let the program committee know what you would like to have for future programs.

I encourage everyone to feel free to ask questions regarding anything to do with weaving. Iím finally getting my courage to do so after five years of being a guild member and 15 plus years as a weaver. I think one reason why I hesitated to ask was since Iíve been weaving for this long I should know everything about weaving or at least be able to figure out how to do something. Right? Wrong!!! There are several ways to do this: ask the question(s) via the yahoo group, check out the list of members and find members who live near you and contact them directly, or talk with people at the guild meetings or at the business meeting. We have a great guild and all of us are willing to help.

I hope to see all of you soon,

Betty Mitchell, Guild President

Welcome Weavers!

The Vermont Weavers Guild is a non-profit educational association. Its purpose is to increase technical proficiency and artistic experience by providing a well-rounded educational program, to promote and maintain high standards of weaving, as well as related fiber arts, to share our knowledge and ideas and to bring together hand-weavers.

Meetings are held monthly on Saturdays (usually 2nd Saturday) in September, October, November, February, March, April and May at the Kimball House, Randolph, Vermont

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