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    March 12, 2016 – Becky Ashenden

Band Weaving
The weaving of narrow bands is one of the most ancient forms of weaving known to man. Band weaving is inexpensive, portable, endlessly fascinating, and very easy to learn. Traditionally, bands have been used for harnesses, carrying water, clothing, and just about anywhere attaching, tying, or connecting was required. Today a beautiful handwoven band can easily take the place of a rubber band or string. Becky will explore many styles of band weaving found in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, and beyond. Workshop participants will begin by weaving a basic band before moving on to traditional pick-up patterns using a regular rigid heddle and a special rigid heddle with pattern slots. Becky will provide pre-warped band looms and back strap/rigid heddle looms.

Materials Fee: $12

Instructor Bio
In 1981, Becky studied Swedish textile production at Sätergläntan Institutet för Slöjd och Hantverk, a school renowned for weaving and other traditional Scandanavian crafts. The experience launched her career as a production weaver, publisher and teacher of Swedish weaving techniques and the proper use of traditional equipment. Becky provides a diverse and ever-evolving set of weaving workshops at her studio, Vävstuga, in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts for weavers of all experience levels. During her decades of teaching, Becky has introduced hundreds of students to the joys of handweaving traditional Swedish rugs and textiles. http://www.vavstuga.com



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