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Bead Leno with Patricia Morton
September 10, 2011

This lecture/demo teaches one to set up the loom for bead leno, shows examples of finished projects, covers drafts for variations on this technique, and weaving tips. There will be looms provided to try this in a variety of ways. We are looking for volunteers to warp a loom so that we can have more to try this technique on.

Bead Leno is a loom-controlled fabric with regular holes. Itís an open, lacey fabric, with twists in the warp. It weaves quickly, doesnít use much yarn, and makes a stable fabric for scarves, shawls, and other items. Leno is traditionally done by hand pick-up. In bead leno, however, beads threaded on the warp are used to manipulate the warp yarns, controlling the twists. There are no beads in the finished project (unless one chooses to add them another way). The class includes several variations on threading.

Workshop Fee applies.

Handout Fee: $2.00/person

Patricia Morton has been weaving for 20 years. Primarily self-taught, she has studied at numerous workshops and weaving conferences, in a wide variety of topics. Her interests are varied, including both structure and color. She has introduced numerous adults and children to weaving. She is the co-owner of Treeditions, a weaving and weaving tools company.



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