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    February 14, 2015 Susan Rockwell

Understanding Blocks
Explore the fun and unlimited versatility that weaving with blocks can create and how blocks are powerful design tools. Learn how pattern and design in various structures depend on blocks. We will cover but not be limited to weave structures such as Lace Weaves, Summer and Winter, Monk's Belt, Ms & Os, and Crackle. We will examine handwoven samples and finished articles of these block weaves and study their drafts. We will learn all the basics and beyond about block designs and how to translate them into cloth. This class will be part lecture and part hands-on and students will focus on the powerful design tool of blocks. The goal of the class is to gain a better understanding of what makes a weave structure a block weave and what that means. Students need to have a basic understanding of how to read drafts and profile drafts. Handout Fee: $2.00

Susan Rockwell has taught classes on weaving to hundreds of students over the past thirty years in New England weaving guilds, Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts, at the White River Craft Center and the New England Weavers Seminar. She is a past President of New England Weavers Seminar, a member of several N.E. guilds and has been a juror and received numerous awards in weaving. Susan markets her work at Frog Hollow (the Vermont State Craft Center) and throughout the northeast.




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