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    The Splendor of Multicolor Warps with Betty Vera
October 19 - 21, 2007

The guild is sponsoring a 3-day workshop with Betty Vera starting Friday, October 19. At the time of this newsletter publication, there is one opening for the workshop.
When you warp your loom, you make a color commitment – but why be limited to just one hue? You can assign a different hue to each harness, rotate colors, add supplementary warps, create color-and-weave designs, have fun with polychrome block weaves and double cloth, and more. This workshop goes beyond stripes and patterns to explore manipulating warp color – to brighten or subdue it, change it, hide it or bring it to the surface, or gradate from one hue to another. Each loom is threaded differently so that everyone can weave round-robin and take home a notebook with samples of every fabric. Participants receive warping and threading instructions in advance so they can arrive ready to weave; they also bring their personal weaving tools and a few weft yarns. A $20 materials fee covers handouts and yarns provided by the instructor, including all swatch notebook and supplies. Limit 20 participants.

About Betty Vera
The interactions between warp and weft color play an important part in Berry Vera’s wall tapestries, which combine warp painting, loom-controlled weave structures, and tapestry techniques. She also creates digital weavings and fiber sculpture, in which color relationships – whether she is working with hues or light-and-dark values – play a variety of roles. Her work is widely exhibited and collected and has been published in American Craft, Fiberarts, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Surface Design, and Interiors magazines, as well as Fiberarts Design Book, Weaving for Worship by Joyce Harter and Lucy Brusic, and Fabrics: A Guide for Interior Designers and Architects by Marypaul Yates. A fibers instructor at Monclair State University, Betty has also taught at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and presented intensive workshops at Harrisville Designs, Penland and Peters Valley; the HGA Convergence; Mid Atlantic Fiber Association, Eastern Great Lakes and Intermountain Weavers conferences; and numerous weaving guilds. She has received two New York State Craft Artist Grants from the Empire State Crafts Alliance, and a Ruth Chenven Foundation Award. 



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Welcome, Weavers!
If you’re a weaver--beginner or pro--the Vermont Weavers Guild welcomes you. Plan to join us at one of our regular meetings at the Kimball House, Randolph, Vermont.    

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