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“Express Yourself”- with Mary Schwartz

 February 13, 2010 - 9:30 at the Kimball House

 This will be an informal small tapestry workshop with Mary Schwartz.   Small tapestries, made on simple frame looms are a great way to experiment with color and texture.  The simplest looms allow the greatest freedom.   It’s a great way to use thrums, odd and ends of yarn, and fibers that “don’t go together.”  Fancy knitting yarns, beads and found objects, can all be incorporated.  Mixing fiber types is no problem.  The completed weaving can be further enhanced by needle felting, embroidery, beading, and more.

Things to bring:  Any small frame loom or tapestry loom--a sturdy picture frame will work, as will artists canvas stretchers--a small tapestry fork or table fork, tapestry needles or yarn needles, batten, small stick shuttles, pick-up sticks, crochet hooks, afghan hooks or similar small tools, any yarns that you want to play with.  Anything else you’d like to incorporate. 

A small frame loom with wire brads (small headless nails) set at about 1/4 inch intervals on top and bottom of the frame can be used to make work that has 4 selvedges and can be simply lifted off the nails when complete.




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If you’re a weaver--beginner or pro--the Vermont Weavers Guild welcomes you. Plan to join us at one of our regular meetings at the Kimball House, Randolph, Vermont. 

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