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    Extreme Warp Makeover - Hate to warp, but love to weave? with  Robin Spady
October, 30 - November 1, 2009 - 3 Day Workshop

Want more versatility from a single warp? Then this is a workshop for you! In this
 workshop, participants will warp their loom with their choice of one of three four-shaft threadings and perform an extreme makeover and weave it many different ways . . . from twill, lace, and overshot to swivel, corduroy, deflected weft, and double-faced. At the same time, participants are presented with the basics of different structures and how to adapt a single threading to weave a number of different weaves, including concepts such as star vs. rose fashion, weaving on opposites, and echo treadling.
3 day workshop: $125; Materials fee -$10.

Each workshop participant will pre-warp their loom with one of three threadings (overshot, twill, and lace) I provide in the instructions .
The instructions are for 5/2 cotton sett at 16 epi in any color of their choice and a minimum of 8" wide (128 ends) and three yards long. Since workshop participants will only weave on their own loom, they are welcome to make their warps wider or longer. I also like to encourage people to use yarns from their stash when possible and they may substitute yarns . . . 8/2 cotton is the most common substitution and the sett would be increased to 20 epi . . . although, going finer than an 8/2 makes a couple of the treadling variations a little difficult.

A few other things they will need include the following:
- At least three shuttles. Stick shuttles are fine. Extra bobbins for boat
shuttles are encouraged.
- Wefts required for the different treadlings.
  * Same color and size as the warp.
  * At least two wefts the same size as the warp in contrasting colors.
  * Two wefts in contrasting colors larger in diameter then the warp (e.g., 3/2      cotton weft for a 5/2 cotton warp).
  * A few skeins of embroidery floss in a variety of colors.
  * Any other yarns, especially novelty yarns, in their stash they would like to bring  to experiment with.
- Pen and paper to take notes.
- A small pair of sharp scissors.

Oct. 31: Morning presentation by Robin Spady
Robyn Spady learned to weave over 35 years ago. She completed HGA's
Certificate of Excellence (COE) in 2004 with the specialized study
"Loom-controlled Stitched Double Cloth." Robyn is inspired by the many
ways to weave double-faced fabrics as a way to create versatile fabrics.
In addition to double-faced fabrics, she also explores uncommon weave
structures and narrow warp weaves




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