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    November 14, 2015 and February 13, 2016 – Jayne Flanagan

Huck Essentials & Beyond 2 sessions (weather date May 14, 2016)
The collection of huck samples dating from the1960s, owned by the Weavers Guild of Boston and reproduced by a team of WGB weavers in the mid-1990s, *might* be displayed for study. However, these samples only scratch the surface of huck’s versatility. Huck can be bold, elegant, subtle or everyday utilitarian. Huck can be woven as texture, as lace, as color-and-weave effect, or as other structures on the same threading. Students will deconstruct and learn the underlying structure, including the unique property of each unit to be tied up in one of three choices to form pattern. Materials, sett, and four- versus multi-shaft threading conventions will be discussed in the first session so that all levels of weavers should be able to understand the basics and/or explore more possibilities. Students please bring graph paper, pencil, eraser, scissors, tape, note taking supplies.

Homework between sessions includes weaving samples for exchange and/or a project. Challenge yourself according to your interests and abilities, for example; try different patterns and materials, understand and weave a project from a magazine or book, copy a cherished antique pattern, or perhaps even create an original pattern or project. (Copies of “The Huck Collection” will be available for purchase. Please check to see if you already have it.)

In the second class we will do a Sample Exchange, talk about our experience with questions and answers, and share more ideas concerning this versatile structure.

Handout/materials: $2, includes both sessions

Instructor Bio
Jayne Flanagan has been spinning and weaving at least since 1973. Her weaving includes everything from backstrap to drawloom, with particular fondness for structure, interesting equipment, manuscripts, and “narrow wares”. Every warp has a new lesson. She has taught spinning, weaving and knitting topics at the Northeast Handspinners Association “Gathering”, New England Weavers Seminar (NEWS), Weavers Guild of Boston, NH Weavers Guild, Mainely Weavers, and the Southern Maine Guild of Spinners and Weavers. She is a member of Cross Country Weavers, several New England guilds, and is the current Study Group Coordinator for Complex Weavers. She was the HGA Maine Rep for over a decade and is a Past President of NEWS (2003). Jayne’s deep dive into both huck and computer drafting programs occurred in 1994 when she wove a few of the reproduction samplers and also served as a co-editor, with Marjie Thompson and Rita Ciaranello, for “The Huck Collection” pattern book. Non-fiber interests include square dancing, parliamentary procedure, gardening and reading, depending on the season.



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