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February 8, 2013 - David Hurwitz - Marketing and pricing our crafts

Our guest speaker for February afternoon (starting at 1:00) is David Hurwitz from Randolph. He does unique, handcrafted woodwork and teaches the business side for artists and craftspeople at Burlington College. For us he will just be talking about marketing our crafts. At the beginning he will speak briefly on each of the 8 items below and then go into more detail on the areas that the participants are interested in.

  1. Developing an effective portfolio and the importance of professional quality photography; including a discussion on key elements to include and what to avoid.
  2. Working with galleries and how to select the right ones for your work; gallery contracts, payment terms and pricing splits, referrals, damage claims, insurance, etc.
  3. Artist resumes, bios and artist statements; different formats explained.
  4. Selling on the web; through your own website, online galleries, or other online venues; different affordable options for online portfolios explained.
  5. Commissioned work; how the process works and how to use a contract and design fee that protects you. A sample contract will be provided.
  6. Printed materials for marketing and promotion - post cards, business cards, free advertising in the form of articles in publications, and how to get featured, etc. Includes recommended printers, pricing and samples of good and bad print jobs, and what to avoid when submitting work to be printed.
  7. Craft shows - finding ones that are the right fit for your work, pros and cons of doing them, things to consider when deciding whether to do one, must haves if doing one, etc.
  8. Pricing work - if there is time, I think it would be good to cover this topic as it relates to working with all of the above venues for selling work and is a very important factor.



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