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    Weaving Air: An Overview of Lace Weaves with Laurie Autio
April 12 - 13, 2008

Laurie Autio is the Immediate Past President/Director of Complex Weavers.
On April 12 and 13, 2008 she will be presenting a two-day workshop on Lace Weaves.
Saturday morning she will give a lecture to the whole guild called “Weaving Air: An Overview of Lace Weaves.” Laurie describes lace weaves as, “ weaves that magically allow the weaver to bend the grid, creating holes to allow air and light to become part of their design.” The lecture is an introduction to the loom-controlled lace weaves, including Huck, Canvas, Swedish Lace, and Spot Bronson. Laurie will discuss how each structure works, setts, materials, and weaving tips, with a wide variety of samples and pieces to examine.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday will be a round robin, on-loom exploration for lace weaves. Each loom will have instructions for the person who is trying the structure for the first time, plus intermediate and advanced instructions.

The fee for this workshop is $75 with a materials fee of $10. To hold your place, send a $50 deposit with the rest to be paid at the workshop. The workshop is limited to 20 participants. When you register it would be helpful to tell Heidi about the loom you will be bringing to the workshop - number of shafts on the loom and type, table or floor. Laurie also wants to know whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced weaver.

Loom warped to instructor's specifications and ready to weave, weaving supplies (shuttles, bobbins, scissors, simple loom repair tools, weights for broken threads, T-pins, extra warp thread, specified weft thread(s), note-taking supplies (pencils with erasers, notebook), pad of graph paper of a comfortable size.
Morning materials fee: $3.00
Afternoon materials fee: $10.00



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