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    Shadow Weave: Color and Dimension with Sarah Fortin
October 22-24, Sat., Sun., and Monday (2 or 3-Day)
Objectives: To have students experience and become aware of the vast creative possibilities when working with the shadow weave structure and more than two colors and/or textures of yarn.

Description: Shadow weave is a visually graphic and exciting weave structure, but may also be a stable, yet fluid fabric. Explore the many possibilities for creating beautiful cloth when using more than two colors or textures while weaving the shadow weave structure. Using the Powell method of shadow weave as inspiration, we will talk about, and use, many colors and textures of yarn, which will include warp blending and shading, to create a variety of fabrics with one draft and one warp. Students will be assigned a draft and base warp color with instructions to create color gamps, bringing dressed looms to weave in a round robin workshop. Many samples and slides will be used for illustration.

Student Equipment: Dressed loom and all related weaving equipment. Instructions and drafts for warps will be assigned and sent to students by the instructor.

As an experiment, this workshop will be offered as either a two day or three workshop. The workshop will start on Saturday and run through Monday. This is in response to some people who cannot take a day off from work for a three day seminar. Participants who choose to take the two day version can come in early and stay late in order to work on samples from all the looms. However, three day participants are not obligated to weave samples for the 2 day participants if the 2 day participant cannot complete all the samples desired. You must select the 2 day or 3 day option when registering.



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