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    Tablet Weaving with Mary Ann Sanborn
May 10, 2008

Mary Ann Sanborn enjoys studying textiles and weaving. She has taught at area guilds and schools, as well as at Canterbury Shaker Village where she was Master Weaver for several years and still consults as requested. She enjoys weaving, though she doesn’t get to do enough of it, and has taught classes on drafting, color and weave, weave structures, tabletweaving, and Shaker textiles. She has been a Board member of NHWG and NEWS, and is currently the Education Services Chair on the Board of Directors of HGA.

Tabletweaving Basics

As with all weaving, tabletweaving spans the gamut from simple to complex,
from utilitarian to ornamental. Learn to thread cards individually and
weave threaded-in designs. Experiment with simple rotational patterns and
try some more complex twills. The continuous warp technique will also be
demonstrated. The resulting woven bands are extremely strong and have been
used as straps used to secure baggage to pack animals, guitar and camera
straps, animal reins and leashes, shoelaces, jewelry, and accents on
handbags or clothing.

This is a hands-on class. Please bring 20 –30 tablets/cards and 3 or 4
cones of perle cotton, 5/2 if possible, though 10/2 will also work. Be
sure there is some contrast between the colors. Cut about 15 threads of
each color, each thread about 1 1/2 yds. long. This will save time warping
and allow more time to weave in class. Also, please bring a 30” length of
2” x 4” lumber, 2 C clamps (2” or 3” opening), 3 or 4 shoe laces, and a
small flat shuttle, netting shuttle, or ruler with an angled edge. If you
prefer, you can tabletweave ‘backstrap fashion’, in which case you will
need a belt to secure the warp around your waist, a dowel at least ˝ in.
in diameter and between 10” and 14” long, and a few extra shoelaces.

Also, please bring note taking and graphing materials.

Experience: Beginners welcome!  Tabletweaving Basics

Class is limited to 15. The fee for this workshop is $20 plus a small handout fee.




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