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    Designing in the Tie-up with Laurie Autio
April 9, 2011

Afternoon Workshop:
Long warps with constant threading and treadling are an efficient and accurate way to weave. By learning to design in the tie-up you can create many strikingly different pieces from one threading and treadling. In addition to creating new motifs you can add stripes where there were none, change or combine weave structures, or alter the symmetry. Bring graph paper and pencil or computer with drafting program. Handout fee $2.

Morning Meeting: One-Shuttle Weaves
An overview of the wonders of one-shuttle weaving. Includes review of basic one-shuttle weaves, ways to develop interesting striping sequences, turning multi-shuttle drafts so that they can be woven with one-shuttle, unusual one-shuttle treadlings for weaves that are normally done with two or more shuttles, and varying your tie-up for added interest. Handout fee $2. For anyone who can read a draft.

Laurie Autio has loved creating patterns on graph paper and computers since high school. She has been weaving since 1985. Her favorite drafting tool is her brain. With it and enough time, she can figure out almost anything (and if she can't figure out a problem, can use it to tap an appropriate supply of cuss words). Without it she is lost (literally). Her second favorite tool is an extension of the first - her Fiberworks drafting program. It allows the favorite tool to work more efficiently and expand its horizons. Laurie earned her master certificate from Hill Institute, is a Past President of Complex Weavers, Pioneer Valley Weavers, and Weavers of Western MA. She is also a Past Dean of WGB and current WGB Bulletin Editor. She enjoys teaching, writing, and weaving challenges of various types.




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