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Sept 13, 2014

Turned overshot with Virginia Coolidge

Why weave overshot and monks belt with 2 shuttles when you can do it with one! When a draft is ďturnedĒ it is rotated 90o so that warp threads become weft threads, and weft threads become warp threads. The original threading sequence becomes the treadling sequence of the new draft, and the original treadling sequence becomes the new threading. Overshot is normally threaded on 4 shafts and woven with 2 shuttles using 6 treadles (4 for pattern and 2 for tabby.) When the draft is turned the warp is threaded on 6 treadles and it is woven with 1 shuttle using 4 treadles. Monks belt is a simplified form of overshot woven with 2 pattern treadles, so it can be turned and woven on 4 shafts

It isnít quite a simple as turning the book sideways, but Iíll show you how to do it. Iíll tell you the advantages (one shuttle instead of two is the biggest) and some disadvantages of turning these drafts. And most importantly, show you how to change the tie-up to accomplish this. Youíll have a chance to practice using the graph paper you bring with you.

Iíll bring several examples of turned overshot that Iíve wove in the past several years.

Ability of participants: advanced beginner. Experience with overshot would be helpful

Materials to bring: pencil, eraser, and graph paper

Provided: handout with detailed instructions and examples of turned drafts

Handout fee: $.50

Workshop Fee: $20.00

Teacher Bio: Weaver for 30 years of a variety of techniques and weave structures (no specialization!!) Now have 24 shaft Weavebird compudobby loom (certainly not needed for turned overshot) and 8 shaft Baby Wolf. Past president of NHWG and past VP of NEWS.




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