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    Warp Painting with Marjie Thompson
September 8, 2007

Ever seen articles about warp painting and thought, “I’d like to try that, but, I don’t know where to start?” or heard about Tencel and bamboo and wanted to try working with them? Now’s your chance. Guild members enjoyed warp painting on Tencel with Marjie Thompson several years ago so much, the program committee decided to bring her back. This time she adds bamboo to the mix, as well as silk scarf blanks. Come with color ideas in mind though those are always subject to change when you see what someone else does and like it better than what you thought. Please wear or bring older clothes because dye does splash/spill/migrate to clothing.

Materials fee of $5. Pre-wound warp/warps, of Tencel or bamboo are necessary though Marjie will wind a few and bring them to sell. Warps can be any length or width desired but probably limited to two each so we aren't painting until dark <G>.

Please bring paper towels, cups (yogurt containers, plastic cups, etc), foam brushes if you have them, plastic wrap, and ziplock bags for getting wet stuff home. Empty spackling buckets would help too for soaking the warps.
Marjie will bring some silk scarf blanks that people may buy and paint. They are more "instant gratification" than having to weave off a warp. The blanks will range in price from a couple of dollars to about $6 for the devore ones.
Marjie Thompson enjoys being "stuck' in the pre-20th century weaving world. Her focus is the textiles produced both at home and by the professional weavers. She is the coordinator of the Complex Weavers "Early Weaving Books and Manuscripts" study group, president of NEWS, a past Dean of the Weavers’ Guild of Boston, past president of Complex Weavers, an active guild member Weavers' Guild of Boston, New Hampshire Weavers' Guild, and a member of many study groups. She is the co-author of Forgotten Pennsylvania Textiles of the 18th and 19th Centuries, The Huck Pattern Collection, Miniature Patterns for Weaving by Josephine Estes, and the editor of The Gartner Manuscript. Her articles have appeared in Weavers, Handwoven, Complex Weavers Journal, Shuttle, Spindle, & Dyepot, and The Spinning Wheel Sleuth’s Loom Supplement.



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