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March 10, 2012 – Weaving at Warp Speed - Dena Gartenstein Moses

This workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants to pick up a little speed in their weaving…whether to be able to make more great weavings in less time, or to become a production weaver.
In the morning, Dena will present “Ten (relatively) Easy Ways to Weave Faster” where we’ll talk about some of the most common things that slow us down and how to overcome them.
In the afternoon, we will take an in depth look at three aspects of the weaving process. First is equipment…what makes looms better or worse for speed, and what accessories can best support your weaving. Second is body mechanics; the nuts and bolts of the weaving process. Third is treadling sequences and hints for how to adjust your treadling for ease and speed while weaving complex patterns. Workshop cost $25.
About Dena:
Dena has been weaving production for fourteen years and sells her line of chenille scarves, shawls and hats at highly juried craft shows and fine galleries around New England. She runs Vermont Weaving School and can weave a chenille scarf in twenty minutes. More info about her school is at vermontweavingschool.com. More info about her line of Handwovens is at vermontweaver.com.




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